Engage, Share, Learn

Agile Tour is not like any other conference in the agile calendar.
You won't sit through any PowerPoint presentations,
Agile Tour is entirely workhop based.
You'll engage with other like minded agilists in a shared learning experience.

Keep Sharing - Keep Learning!

90 Minutes To Raise The Bar

Not Just Yours, But The Bar of Those Around You

2021 workshops


Flourish your visual Wellbeing

Visual facilitation gets us closer to our creative side and ability to see things differently.

Let's use the power of visuals to improve the balance in our different aspects of life.

Let's find ways to use a simple practice and have a positive effect on our well-being.

by Martyn Frank, Martin Ruckert & Fay Burthem


Leading people vs managing work

As organisations transition to new ways of working, we face the challenge of supporting our people to change the way they work. 
Servant leadership is often praised... but what does servant "leadership" REALLY look and sound like on a daily basis?

Let's explore the differences between leadership and management behaviours and how they show up in our common agile practices.

Let's challenge each other to be present as leaders more often and reflect on how we might support others to do the same.

by Peter Lam & Paul Boicovitis


Cowtopia Mission to Mars

You are the Agile Space Force tasked with saving Planet Earth. Are you ready for the challenge?

Let's have fun saving our planet and humanity by trying to send cows to Mars!

Let's practice a series of mindset/skills needed to tackle chaos and bring innovative thinking alive.

by Michael Ong & Soma mazumder


My own competencies model

Our kids have amazing aspirations and so many inspirations.

Still, it is challenging to create a clear path for them to make their dream come true.

Let's see how we can a suited model of the appropriate competencies.

by Peter Lee


Tell me what I want!

"I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want" - Wannabe from the Spice Girls

How are we still struggling with communicating what we want to achieve? Where did user stories go so wrong?

Let's explore fun ways to practice how to effectively communicate information in a collaborative way.

by Stuart Bargon


Launching modern teams

Let's thrive in a modern remote workplace as a team!

Let's align on behaviours, communication and how to deliver value.

Let's enable leaders to have the visibility they need while providing teams with the flexibility to unlock the potential of remote collaboration.

by Tony Ponton & John Tooth


Community Flow Space / Lean Beer

As a community, we will use the lean coffee format to discuss the blockers and opportunities in the coming of 2022.

Each room will involve open conversation to provide the community with a greater opportunity to bring a crazy 2021 to peace.

by Agile Tour Team

Workshop is about work!

the work of showing up, the work of doing, the work of being present

The idea of doing this work in a shop,
in a place for making, where work is shipped— changes everything.

Mostly, it changes you, and who you share it with!

It moves you forward and helps you see what you’re actually capable of.

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