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Engage, Share, Learn

Agile Tour is not like any other conference in the agile calendar.
You won't sit through any PowerPoint presentations,
Agile Tour is entirely workhop based.
You'll engage with other like minded agilists in a shared learning experience.

Keep Sharing - Keep Learning!

90 Minutes To Raise The Bar

Not Just Yours, But The Bar of Those Around You

Early Morning


Coaching Yourself & Others

Practical deep dive into applying coaching techniques by discovering the different components of a Coaches toolbox.

From there we will do some practical listening using powerful questions and then utilise the coaching kata to resolve problems.

by Renee Troughton


Enlarging the Opportunity Space through Personal Leadership Growth

Gain a different perspective on transformation.

Reflect on the way leaders interpret their surrounding and react when their power or safety is challenged has a big impact on the space of the possibilities for the teams they work for.

by Dave Witney & Alidad Hamidi


Playing with Paper to Design the Weather

Simple message of validating is lost to the idea of putting out something that is marketable and almost complete.

Design and build an app prototype using paper and then validate, then iterate on the feedback until we have something we can take forward.

by Brad Stokes & Aurelien Marando

Before Lunch


Backlog Strategy

Thinking deeply about the product backlog and what it means can be a differentiator between easy success or a fast track ticket to Zombie-ville.
Develop a strategy for your product and avoid the conveyor belt.

by Dave Bales


Agile Teams to Agile Organisations

From the organizational point of view, the "agile team" would be nothing more than a sub-optimization and therefore would not contribute in a way that would benefit the whole organization.

In order to solve this problem one needs to go beyond the preconceived ideas of "Agile Methods".

by TJ Gokcen


Pitfalls of ownership & Empowerment

Explore how everyone can use their collective intelligence to take responsibility for contributing to the success of the organization.

Uncover a pragmatic way to transform the role of the Manager into an enabler for the collective intelligence of decision making.

by Marc Florit

After Lunch


Bento Box experiment

A traditional Bento (弁当 bentō) holds diversified food in a box, which form a simple yet balanced meal as hole.

We will use this metaphor to challenge ourselves exploring agility and devour a mouthful of experiential learning.

by Stuart Bargon


From Post-it to Prototype

Too often we get told there is not enough time to do it right - but there always seem to be time to do it over.

Dive deep into a problem space and unveil few key techniques that you can use on your initiatives to prevent jumping to the obvious ideas and focus on the user instead.

by Dominik Katz & Sarah Atkinson


Trust starts with Me

"Good Teams become great ones when the members TRUST each other enough to surrender the me for the we"
- Phil Jackson

Use your body to achieve the impossible!

Be fully engaged around multiple games to physically discover your relationship with trust.

by Simon Jaillais & Johan Rouleau

Workshop is about work!

the work of showing up, the work of doing, the work of being present

The idea of doing this work in a shop,
in a place for making, where work is shipped— changes everything.

Mostly, it changes you, and who you share it with!

It moves you forward and helps you see what you’re actually capable of.