Engage, Share, Learn

Agile Tour is not like any other conference in the agile calendar.
You won't sit through any PowerPoint presentations,
Agile Tour is entirely workshop based.
You'll engage with other like minded agilists in a shared learning experience.

Keep Sharing - Keep Learning!

90 Minutes To Raise The Bar

Not Just Yours, But The Bar of Those Around You


Early sessions


Building on Human-Centred Facilitation

As a facilitator, have you ever felt pressure to have all the information, or led like the voice of authority in the room?

Come and learn how you can start to create more valuable outcomes through valuing people as we explore connecting to our values, knowing them better and adding value to others.

Let's prepare for your next session using the facilitation tree by focusing on outcomes, principles, experience and activities

by James Zhang & Vivian Chan


Super Simple Complex Backlogs

How would your backlog change if you considered it’s complexity?

In this interactive workshop we’ll tread down a familiar path of using basic user story mapping to support understanding and prioritising work. Then we’ll shift gears, using complexity and the backlog filter.

The backlog filter looks at work through the lens of complexity by focusing on the teams’ knowledge. Understanding which work items need attention allows managers to intervene.

Let's de-risk the backlog and improve predictability for the team. Like all remote:af patterns, the backlog filter is designed to be effective regardless of context and can be used across many types of teams.

by John Tooth


Tools to improve agile teams and teamwork

The Agile Manifesto states, “Individuals and interactions over process and tools.’ When everyone is busy, building relationships can be difficult.

This session demonstrates practical tools (which participants will take away) to kickstart conversations and build connections for individuals, teams and organisations. Topics include one-on-ones, manager as a coach, team alignment, and self-development.

Based on extensive research, Conversation Cue Cards build conversations through the lenses of leadership (About WE) and resilience (About ME). These cards are perfect for in-person conversations, with a digital version to use with online collaboration tools.

by Tess Julian from Hargraves Institute

Morning sessions


Growing our Mindset!

Dr Carol Dweck’s research into growth mindset changed education forever!

While the theory is easy enough to grasp, the practice opportunities are still scarce and our own minds keep playing tricks on us.

In this workshop, we will explore in depth what can hold us back and what we can look for to unlock some of our hidden growth potential.

by Rominder Dodd


Leading with Measurement

Metrics defined outside the Scrum team often put unnecessary pressure on the team, causing dysfunction. Yet, metrics can be both safe and useful when co-created by the team and the business.

How to co-create good metrics that provide insight and create opportunities for genuine (measurable!) improvement?

In the workshop, we will put the methods into practice. We will co-create some safe and effective metrics for generating real improvement in our teams. Along the way, I'll be sharing real stories and results.

by Kynan Hughes


Priming your teams for collaboration

Productive team collaboration rarely happens by chance — but with the right tools, you can help make it happen, yourself.

So how do you prime a team for collaboration? How do you build healthy relationships, clear and common purpose, trust, equal voice? How do you ensure team members will talk easily, listen well, learn from each other, seek diversity, pivot together, share accountability?

Come and join us for a taste of Collaborizza! Find out how it feels to be primed for collaboration. Take a moment to pause, be curious, do different and get hands-on with the joy and power of better conversations and real collaboration.

by Allan Ryan

Afternoon sessions


How to facilitate innovation through ideation

It's time to think inside or outside the box!

Ideation is a critical part of unlocking innovation, yet too few teams spend time ideating. Often seen as something designers too, ideation is for everyone! After all the most innovative ideas often come from the most unlikely of places!

In this workshop you will learn several different ideation techniques that will encourage collaboration, facilitate innovation and most importantly be a hell of a lot of fun!

by Anthony Murphy


How to turn PLAY into your biggest super-power

We’ve all heard the buzz about how play supports agile learning and innovative thinking. But how do you play more effectively?

We play to build connections. We play to understand empathy. Knowing HOW to use play as a process can be a powerful problem solver.

Through real-life examples, let's explore this process together with the tools to create play that saves time and resources, improves communication and builds empathy.

Come shake up our daily processes to practice and think in new and energising ways.

by Trudi Boatwright


How to align parties with the power of simple drawing?

Are your projects drowning in complexity and detail?
Visual methods like journey maps and user story maps can help but we can still struggle to get everyone on the same page, when there is still too much on that page.

Join us for this fun interactive workshop where you will learn a range of simple patterns and structures that focus on clarity to drive alignment and action.

Anyone can draw these patterns, and they work just as well on paper, a whiteboard, or in a collaboration space like Mural or Miro. You'll also walk away with some templates to use straight away with your own team.

by Ben Crothers

Closing sessions


Community Open Space

How communities can strive in post-pandemic 2023?

As a community, we will use the Open Space Technology format to create our own agenda and record the resulting discussion.

Then, all the most important issues to those attending will be included in the agenda.

All the issues raised and worked on are addressed by the participants best capable of getting something done about them.

All the most important ideas, recommendations, discussions, and next steps are recorded and shared back.

by Dave Bales


Where do we stand regarding our community Future?

Let's play the "Polak Game" together.

A simple yet powerful way to identify perspectives in a team or group, have an open discussion and create shared understanding.

To close out a fruitful day of engaging, sharing and learning at Agile Tour SYD 2022, join us for an inspiring and thought-provoking activity.

Through this activity you'll have an opportunity for self-reflection, awareness of the group dynamics and insight generation. After experiencing this activity, you might be inspired to run The Polak Game with your team.

By Jody Weir and Cherie Mylordis

Workshop is about work!

the work of showing up, the work of doing, the work of being present

The idea of doing this work in a shop,
in a place for making, where work is shipped— changes everything.

Mostly, it changes you, and who you share it with!

It moves you forward and helps you see what you’re actually capable of.

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