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Engage, Share, Learn

Agile Tour is not like any other conference in the agile calendar.
You won't sit through any PowerPoint presentations,
Agile Tour is entirely workhop based.
You'll engage with other like minded agilists in a shared learning experience.

Keep Sharing - Keep Learning!

90 Minutes To Raise The Bar

Not Just Yours, But The Bar of Those Around You

Early Morning


Just be Playful with change

While change is a serious business and many professionals try to assist in transforming, only a few are trying to be playful with it!

Let's leverage people's natural desires for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, or closure!

Play to bring to life some changes with a simple response to the framing of a situation as a game. A thoughtful experiment and great fun ahead.

by Martyn and Adam


Just be IN to change our World!

In life we go through many unfair situations, where the powers in place are clearly unbalanced.
In any unfair situation, there are always multiple perspectives. But there are just 2 positions: You can choose to be IN and work to find a better approach, or to bail and stay OUT because 'that is not your problem’.

Let's explore these oppressive cultures and navigate the conflicts that exist in them by applying techniques based on Role-Playing. Jump on the stage (literally) with us to learn how to better understand these Systems and how toter them and make them more fair.

by Marc Florit


Just be a great Facilitator

The workshop is a ‘hands-on’ demonstration of over 25 facilitation techniques, in rapid succession. Each technique will be framed as to why / where / when and how it should be used.

These techniques will help you with,
- ideation
- achieving consensus
- finding value
- assessment of risk
- controlling a room
- quick feedback loops
- looking like you know what you’re doing ....and we all need that!!

Several opportunities will take place in order to learn from others in the room.
by Stu Mitchell

Before Lunch


Just be positively impactful

We envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good.

To do so requires that we act with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.

Let's take the opportunity to create our own company and explore together what it takes to bring a positive impact to a bigger picture than ourselves.

by Venetia Foo


Just be Vulnerable

We often imagine that what will win us relationships and esteem is strength. But surprisingly, it’s vulnerability that’s at the core of connection and respect. 

In this workshop, you will learn about vulnerability - how it is often misconstrued with weakness and how trust, empathy and courage all tie in.

By the end of the workshop, you will have built awareness around vulnerability and have some solid tools that will give you the courage to lead others. 

by Romy and Dee


Just Be a Culture Ambassador

“The Derdians" is a well-known immersive workshop used by cultural hackers to make teams (or people) acknowledge their cultural differences, and to find their way to a better communication/collaboration.

By participating in this experience, you will get a deeper understanding of fundamental behaviours of human groups, applicable to work-life situations. You will also reach a better understanding of your personal reaction face to people that think and act differently from you.

by Romain Vailleux



Just be Emotionally Smart

Leading a team, how can we ensure the people around us feel safe and protected?
Why building connections within the team is so important?
Do we really know what is the secret sauce for a magical recipe of a high performing team?

Through simple exercises, let's explore key activities which can help in building connections within.
We will draw from our own emotions and how people can react to it.

by Soma Mazumder


Just be breaking the recruitment rules

Apart from a few companies, most follow the same process they always have.

There are many examples of this process not working, so why don't we apply modern concepts to hiring?

Let's take on a different approaches and try to evolve and improve the recruitment process!

Hopefully, after the session, you will be able to take these insights and create better outcomes for your recruitment (either as a hiree or recruiter).

by Stuart Bargon


Just be a Dexterous Team

A Dexterous team is a master at maximising all the resources available to it coming from its members. A very self-aware entity that will achieve way more than any individual in the team would ever have on their own.

This workshop features heaps of fun activities inspired by improv, computer gaming, and coaching that exposes and enhances team dexterity.

by Mike Mallete

Workshop is about work!

the work of showing up, the work of doing, the work of being present

The idea of doing this work in a shop,
in a place for making, where work is shipped— changes everything.

Mostly, it changes you, and who you share it with!

It moves you forward and helps you see what you’re actually capable of.