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It is sponsors who enable us to continue our mission of promoting knowledge exchange and collaboration within the Agile space.

Your Community Sponsors

Thanks to their generous contribution and collaboration, our conference was a resounding success, creating an environment where Agile enthusiasts could come together, share insights, and foster a stronger community in Sydney.

The commitment to promoting how it adds value to the community and clients played a pivotal role in making the event memorable for all attendees.

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Rohini Sharma
Industry Lead at

" were delighted to sponsor our second Agile Tour. We thank the organisers and participants for a great community event. A special thanks to those who attended our workshop. We loved your engagement.
If you are interested in knowing more about monday-dev and how it supports agility, please follow the link. If you would like to speak with us or are interested in learning more about product management, please feel free to contact our partner Product Rocket at
We look forward to seeing you all again next year ! "

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Greg Collocott
Associate, Principal Consultant at PM-Partners

We help organisations achieve their outcomes
We are strong advocates and practitioners of Agile and Scaled Agile, and have a 25-year pedigree in traditional project management, programme management and portfolio execution.
We're a well-established training, delivery and advisory firm that provides a wide range of services across industries. Over the years we've helped numerous organisations achieve their objectives, earning PM-Partners a reputation for delivering high-quality results.
We believe our multi-modal approach enables the right blend of best practice frameworks and methods, all of which contribute to our clients' success.
Known to minimise risk, reduce costs and improve services, our team is also skilled at driving measurable, long-term value for our customers.

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John Tooth
CEO at remote:af

At remote:af, we envision a world where the operating model of the future is founded on the principles of sustainability, equity, and adaptability.
We are the vanguards of an asynchronous communication workplace, dedicated to unlocking the full potential of hybrid work.
Our mission is to empower businesses and individuals to thrive in a future where work is designed around life, rather than the other way around.

Grow Your Agility

Grow Your Agility helps clients in Australia/New Zealand and across Asia engage, learn and grow their skills and knowledge with Agile and Scrum ways of working.

Our training, consulting and coaching services support individuals, teams, senior executives and organisations to understand, adopt and embed agile ways of working to improve their business agility.

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Our platform provides near real-time, end-to-end visibility into product delivery flow, helping you to understand how your delivery ecosystem is performing.

We are passionate about enabling organisations to measure the effectiveness of their end-to-end product delivery, regardless of the scale and complexity of their delivery processes and tooling ecosystem.

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Your Community Sponsors

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