2021 Workshop Facilitators

The process of facilitation is a way of providing leadership without taking the reigns. A facilitator's job is to get others to assume responsibility and take the lead.

Michael Ong

Helping individuals and teams thrive in work & (serious) play

Paul Boicovitis

Helping people and org become better versions of themselves

Martyn Frank

Padawan in a fast changing VUCA world

Martin Ruckert

Passionate Visual facilitator and Enterprise Agility Coach

Soma Mazumder

Agile Coach | Trainer | Facilitator | Learner

Peter Lam

Founder | Enterprise Agile Delivery Transformation

Peter Lee

Founder of VideoFacilitator, Agile Coach

Mike Mallete

Meta Agile Coach and Martial Arts Enthusiast

Tony Ponton

VP, Product and Community at remote:af

Stuart Bargon

Helping teams reach their innate potential through

John Tooth

Vice President, Community at remote:af

Fay Burthem

Passionate Visual facilitator and Yoga Teacher

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