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We don't grow when things are easy we grow when we face challenges

Pair Programming with Pen

By Stuart Bargon

Stuart helps people work together to attain better outcomes.

Pair programming has been around for many years but still few people have experienced it. Two people working together can generate more valuable work of greater quality than they can working separately. Gain some insights into this way of working by trying it yourself. We are going to experience this way of working just by using a pen. We will do a simple exercise and then discuss our experiences.

I’m Sorry (You’re Welcome): A Community Retrospective

By Mike Mallete

Mike Mallete is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach, one of only a handful in the Asia Pacific Region. He had been instrumental in the adoption of Agile methods and practices of companies in four continents, from 10-person startups to 200-member teams. He was previously a platform architect, software engineer, and people manager prior to being a full-time Agile Coach and trainer. He had spoken in major international conferences in the US, Singapore, Manila, and Hong Kong.

Coaching Nightmares: insights we can learn from Gordon Ramsay

By Craig Smith

Craig Smith has been active in the IT industry for over 15 years. He has been an Agile practitioner for over 10 years and is a Certified Scrum Master and a member of both the Scrum Alliance and Agile Alliance and as an Agile Coach he has worked on a number of high profile technical and business projects. He regularly conducts Agile training and has presented at a number of Australian and international conferences. He is also an Agile Editor for InfoQ and co-hosts an Agile podcast called The Agile Revolution.

Component vs Feature Teams

By Rowan Bunning

Rowan Bunning is an Australian pioneer of Scrum. He has a technical development background and spent 10 years a developer, ScrumMaster and Product Owner before becoming one of Australia’s first Agile Coaches and Certified Scrum Trainers in 2008. Through his boutique training and coaching company Scrum WithStyle, Rowan has trained over 5,000 people in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia making him one of the most experienced Agile trainers in the Australasian region.

Tragedy of the PMO

By Peter Merel 

Peter Merel is Australia’s longest serving Agilist and played a part in the formation of the Agile Alliance.

Credited in Beck’s first XP book, Peter ran the first Agile games at the first Agile conference in 2000. He has led agile transformations at GMAC and Websense in the US, and IAG, CBA and Ray White in Australia. In 2014 Peter founded XSCALE Alliance as “the Linux of the Agile world”.

Gartner has recognised Peter and XSCALE in its 2016 and 2017 market guides to Enterprise Agile Frameworks, and XSCALE coaches in eight world capitals are delivering open-content training including breadth-first product management, high performance delivery, and exponential business agility.

Micro:bit Scaling challenge

By Dave Bales

Dave has been in software development for 24 years, managed software development teams for 10 years, and is a Certified Enterprise Coach with the Scrum Alliance. Over the past 10 years Dave has been helping organisations to adopt Agile approaches and enable their teams.

It is F#@ked or is it?

By Rob Gibson

Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach

When I started with Agile it was a dirty word. Now everyone's on the band wagon. Why do things still suck? Why doesn't "agility" ever work it's way up to the executive team? Let's sort it out.

You want to get past the jargon, hype, religion and "methodology" of Agile, Lean and Design Thinking to make **real** changes in your organisation and the world. Yes. The world.

All for one and One for all

By Martyn Frank

By leading, training, mentoring, and coaching, success for me is to help people realise or re-invigorate their passion and to help them find a their reason to go to work and make an impact.

With a focus of delivering better outcomes to end customers, I help create a culture and environment whereby groups of individuals from across the organisation work together as a team, to achieve amazing outcomes as a collective unit. 

I strive to create safe to experiment environments, helping stimulate innovative thinking towards positive change.

I impress on others to stop wasting energy protecting themselves from each other and the organisation with in which we work, and start working together.

I use visual capture and visual thinking to create conceptual maps and stories of group conversations, fostering a shared understanding towards common objectives.

All for one and One for all

By Alidad Hamadi

I believe while there is value in continuous improvement, I prefer to focus on continuous learning, trust, collaboration, co-creation, reflection and continuous empathy and courage and I've been privileged and lucky to work with teams that live and breathe some or most of these values. 

As an Agile Coach my aspiration is to help leaders see, unlearn and rediscover that the true self organisation could only happen when you create enabling condition that include "shared consciousness", "empowered execution" and "enablement of mastery", one without the others results in either frustration or chaos.

Bollywood dance & high performing teams

By Aman Singh

A passionate individual who is all about common sense and simplicity. I like the word 'tangible' as it reflects that everything has an outcome or output that is either felt, seen or can be touched. Treating people like they want to be treated is my main motive in order to build meaningful and lasting relationships.

Beyond Agile

By Sylvain Mahe

As an Enterprise Agile coach, Sylvain has worked with both established companies and startups across diverse industries, ranging from banking and telecommunications, to government agencies. He has trained, coached and mentored over 1,000 people from every level of the corporate ladder. By helping organizations grow an agile mindset, his clients become more innovative, quicker to respond to change, and are better able to attract and retain talent. Taking a non dogmatic approach, Sylvain focuses on culture and models new behaviors that foster trust, learning, safety and collaboration in order to achieve high performance.

Sylvain is also highly involved in the Agile community and brought the Agile Tour to Singapore. He is regularly invited to be a speaker at Agile and Innovation events.

Ultimately Sylvain sees himself as a catalyst for change, and his aim is to empower everyone he works with, be it organizations or individuals, to find fulfillment and joy in both work and life.